Friday, January 9, 2009

On the third day, God Created Tebow

Did you know that no one in college football works harder than Tim Tebow? I think I heard that you will never see a team play harder than Tebow's Gators.

Some things you may have missed while watching last night's "Championship" game:

Just spending 5 minutes around Tebow makes Thom Brennaman a better person apparently.
Tim Tebow is not only the greatest college football player ever, but he is the greatest human ever to walk this earth.
Percy Harvin did not take a cortisone shot for his ankle, but rather Tim Tebow used his divine powers to heal it in pregame warm ups.
After every touchdown, Tim Tebow ascended into clouds and Slapped hands with Saint Peter.

But seriously when Tim Tebow was levitating in mid air while circumcising Filipino kids during his jump pass for a touchdown to put the game away, it gave me time to think about where he ranks among all time greats. When talking about this, you have to throw projections at the next level out the window as they are irrelevant to the discussion. He has definitely entered the discussion of best College players ever. All hyperbole aside, there is no denying he is a great leader and runs Urban Meyer's system to perfection. Two championships and one Heisman puts him in rare company. As a college football player Tebow is a fantastic runner and can make the throws he needs to make. He is not a pure passer as evident by the first interception he threw in one of the few NFL type passes Tebow would attempt all night. But in Meyer's offense he does not have to be an NFL quarterback, he needs to run the option and make quick throws and he does it to perfection. Along with most people, I don't think Tebow translates to the NFL as a QB, but that will never take away from his college career.

Oddly enough I respected Tebow the most when he was given the 15 yard unsportsmanlike penalty. It showed that even God's gift to mankind could not resist the temptation to taunt the Sooners who had said he would not have been the 4th best quarterback in the Big 12.

As for the game, I cannot wait until Florida plays Texas and USC and Utah meet in the semifinals as this is going to be one of the greatest playoffs ever...errrr wait a minute

We settled who the best team that the computers voted for was, but what else was settled last night? I can't fathom that there are still people out there that think we don't need a playoff. The people that created the BCS and those who still argue against a playoff make we wish I had a time machine so I could go back in time and shake them as babies. I have heard that there would be too many travel issues, it would make the regular season meaningless and teams would still be complaining about not making the field.

Travel issues are a joke. How is that different than any playoff system in sports? Quick solution, all games after the first round are at a predetermined neutral site. Problem solved.

Why would the regular season be meaningless? Now that teams can survive one loss the regular season is now worthless, really? There would not be drama the last couple of weeks as teams fought to make the top 16, 12, 8 or whatever format is decided? Right now what is the incentive to schedule anyone decent out of conference? One loss and you could be finished depending on where you started in the poll. Every other sport has a playoff and some how the regular season does not suffer, but some how college football's will? I don't see it.

As for the last point about teams complaining that don't make it in the field, that may be the most ridiculous reason of the bunch. People complain, it is a fact of life, but who cares about a team who could not get into the top 8? Again not a valid reason to fix a flawed system because a couple teams will still be complaining.

How great would an NFL style of playoffs looked this year? 12 teams get in while Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and USC get first round byes. This year would have had first round games of, Alabama vs Cincinnati, Utah vs TCU, Texas Tech vs Ohio State and Penn State vs Boise State. Where do I sign up?


  1. Sorry Pat, but I have to totally disagree with you. Tim Tebow will follow in the long tradition of Florida's history of great quarterbacks in the NFL. Look at all the names Brock Berlin, Chris Leak, The Bachelor from season 5, Danny Wuerffel, Rex Grossman, Shane Matthews, and Doug Johnson. All top tier future hall of famers......."Did you know that no one in college football works harder than Tim Tebow? I think I heard that you will never see a team play harder than Tebow's Gators" Very true thats why they were ranked a very respectable 13th for the Fulmer Cup. The final cup standings does not even have Jacques Rickerson arrest for beating and strangling women. Alabama just squeeked out Missouri for the Fulmer Cup though.

  2. How could I forget that legendary list? A complete oversight on my part, much apologies. Good news though, Tebow is coming back for another year and is going to cure cancer!